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The Smart Life Institute Is Born PDF Print E-mail
Written by Allan Besselink, PT, Dip.MDT   
Monday, 13 August 2007
Today I would like to announce the grand opening of the Smart Life Institute, a health initiative that provides sports science solutions for training, rehab, and life. August 13 will be a landmark day in the (R)evolution In Health.

As a physical therapist for 19 years, I have watched the health care system and the perception of "health" in this country erode steadily. With 60% of the population being obese and chronic medical conditions on the rise, we need to make a serious effort at reform, not only in our health care system but how we view our personal role in health. Based on where we are now, this may be seen by many (clinicians and others) as a virtual Revolution. But - it has to start somewhere, somehow - and the Smart Life Institute is the foundation for this (R)evolution in Health.

It's not just about a philosophy - it's about "doing health" in a different way. It's about personal power, about the accessibility of sports-science based research and it's application to our daily lives. It's about developing a synergy between client and clinician and establishing more effective solutions and improved outcomes. It's about competent self care and using learning strategies and information technology to foster personal transformation. But most of all - it's about YOU - and all of the "yous" in our global community.

The Smart Life Institute will provide a philosophical and educational foundation for other entities. Smart Sport International will continue to be the model clinical practice of SLI, implementing it's philosophy and strategies for effective care. The Smart Physio network will bring together like-minded clinicians to collect outcomes data and produce reform on the clinical side of the equation.
I would urge you to explore the Smart Life Manifesto - now available online under "About SSI".

The Smart Life Institute website ( will provide many new features for both education and consultation. Expect to see this "new look" site in the coming months.

Welcome to the Revolution!
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