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Allan empowers his patients ... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sarah Edwards   
Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Allan has worked with me as a physical therapist a number of times over the past several years. He helped me overcome my injury and safely return to training. Allan first thoroughly evaluated my injury and listened intently to what I said. He then taught me exercises to help correct the problem. He took time to explain how the exercises would help and to answer my questions. Upon my completion of the physical therapy, Allan developed a plan for me to gradually build back up to my previous level of training. By providing exercises and understanding, Allan empowers his patients to take charge of their injury and not be dependent upon him. I feel like Allan understood my love of my sport and my desire to get back into training. Allan is very patient and takes the time to explain what he wants me to do and why. Even now that I am done with PT, Allan always seems willing to answer questions and offer advice. I recommend Allan to any active person looking for a therapist who will work with them to return to their sport, not just overcome an injury.

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