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Written by Glenn Williams   
Saturday, 29 July 2006

"Faster, stronger, smarter, and PRs from Olympic to IM distance all in the same year and this on LESS training time. The only reason I did not PR a sprint race is that I never got one on the calendar! Frankly, between my orthopedic physician and Allan's coaching I'm doing things athletically that two orthopedic surgeons claimed I could never do.

I came to Allan with a history of knee injuries and consistent GI problems at the 1/2 IM and IM distances. Allan's mentoring had me doing things on the track I would have never-ever attempted on my own. Speed work with my knee, no-way, but with patience and intelligent dosing of pace-sensitive work I'm faster and going longer than I have for 16 years. My GI problems had me under-performing in all my long and ultra races. In six weeks Allan turned that around with me setting a new PR at the 1/2 IM distance AND qualifying for Long Course Team USA in 2003. Not bad for a guy who went 16:40 in an IM the previous year.

There is a challenge to working with Allan - he wants you to have a life! Seriously, he brings a balance to training and racing that is refreshing. I got 3-4 hours/week back into my schedule by training 'smarter'. That alone was worth the costs of coaching.

Faster, stronger, smarter and PRs falling everywhere but what I appreciate about Allan the most is that he's a real person, someone you can talk with, debate, and know that he cares for the person as well as the athlete. My recommendation for Allan as a coach is unqualified, unless you're in the M45-49 (my) age group?! Feel free to contact me for further discussion regarding the Smart Sport experience."

Glenn "Chappy" Williams

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