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Allan has been involved in coaching and performance optimization since 1985. Be it working with high school track and field athletes, elementary school aged basketball, recreational runners, pro triathletes or those new to exercise, Allan’s strong coaching skills and understanding of the sports sciences shine through.

He has been actively involved in furthering his coaching expertise via his self-guided research and writing and through the certification processes of numerous groups such as USA Triathlon (Level One), USA Track and Field (Level One), and the National Coaching Certification Program in Canada. In 1992, he also completed an Elite Coaching Development Program under the instruction and mentoring of the Elite Training Group in Austin, Texas.

Allan has coached athletes of all skill levels, including first time marathoners and ultrarunners to experienced age group and pro Ironman distance triathletes. He is currently coaching endurance athletes in Canada and the US. He has coached five athletes that have qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii over the past 5 years, with a top 20 finisher in 2003.

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