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31. Life On Planet Earth - Part II
(Blog/Clinical Insights)
...g homeostasis. We are always trying to find a balance - between stimulus and response, between training and recovery. But here's the twist ... If you read the clinical literature of run...
Thursday, 25 January 2007

32. Life On Planet Earth - Part I
(Blog/Clinical Insights)
...his to the world of sport - and activity. If given the appropriate environment in which to do so (i.e. good recovery), tissues adapt to the demands. Ultrarunners, cyclists, mountain climbers - all sho...
Wednesday, 17 January 2007

33. Prelude To A Marathon
(Blog/Coaching Insights)
...ut its your body's ability to adapt to your training demands that is critical. No matter how we look at it, recovery and adaptation take time. Although there are many things that can be done to optimi...
Sunday, 01 October 2006

34. E-Caps/Hammer Nutrition
E-Caps has been an SSI sponsor since 2003. After researching all of the nutritonal products, sport and recovery drinks, and supplements on the market, I came to the unbiased conclusion that E-caps'
Thursday, 03 August 2006

35. Quality workouts and still have a life ...
(In Their Words/Coaching Testimonials)
...Smart Sport, we had no set training schedule and ended up overtraining, which hurt our training quality and recovery. Since we started training with Smart Sport, we have seen an increase in our...
Saturday, 29 July 2006

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