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31. Quality workouts and still have a life ...
(In Their Words/Coaching Testimonials)
"My husband and I are very busy people. We have to balance school, work, coaching, and training. Before we started training with Smart Sport, we had no set training schedule and ended up overtr
Saturday, 29 July 2006

32. Newton Was A Triathlete
(Blog/Coaching Insights)
Physics. For many people, just the mention of the word gives them high school flashbacks – or nightmares. Love it or hate it, physics provides us with the foundations for our understanding of t
Saturday, 29 July 2006

33. Coach
(SSI/Director of SSI - Allan Besselink, PT, Dip.MDT)
  Allan has been involved in coaching and performance optimization since 1985. Be it working with high school track and field athletes, elementary school aged basketball, recreational run
Thursday, 27 July 2006

34. Educator
(SSI/Director of SSI - Allan Besselink, PT, Dip.MDT)
  Allan's approach to both physiotherapy and coaching involves a significant foundation in client education. As the saying goes, "knowledge is power" - and Allan truly integ
Monday, 09 August 2004

35. Fee Summary
(Support/Frequently Asked Questions)
...p;                    $40   Coaching Single Consultation:             ...
Wednesday, 12 May 2004

36. What Is SSI?
(Static Content)
...o exercise Smart Sport International (SSI) provides physical therapy, along with individualized and group coaching and mentoring services. Smart Sport International is part of the Smart Life Ins...
Tuesday, 18 May 2010

37. Coaching Insights
(Category List)

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