The mission of Smart Sport International (SSI) is to provide a seamless integration of sports science solutions for training, rehab and life.            Life Is A Sport. Play Smart™.



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1. Mission Statement
(What is SSI?)
... a division of the Smart Life Institute based in Austin, Texas. SSI was created to provide solutions to issues that have become an unfortunate part of the health care, sport and fitness worlds. Thes...

2. Physical Therapy / Physiotherapy
(SSI Services)
...nsultation, we will discuss your goals and perform an assessment to define the solutions to your specific issues. Our goal is to educate you in your problem and to understand how to develop and implem...

3. Smart Life Manifesto
(Category List)
...plication of sports science solutions to a broad range of clinical, professional, and health care-related issues. Some of the primary issues faced in the health care arena are as follows: - cost-e...

4. Professional Issues
(Category List)

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