Adjunct Services


What are Adjunct Services? These are services that are offered by SSI that are not specifically physiotherapy- or coaching-related. These would include video analysis (swimming, cycling, and running to name but a few) and bike fitting (both road and triathlon).


What is involved with a video analysis? Biomechanical assessment can be an integral component in a complete injury prevention, injury recovery, and performance optimization plan. Video analysis is typically broken into two sessions - a 15 - 20 minute session to collect the video (i.e. a session at the track to videotape running form) and then a 30 - 45 minute follow-up session to review the videotape.


What is does a bike fitting include? A bike fitting is truly a progression of events as opposed to one single event in time. At your initial session, certain physical measurements will be taken (inseam etc) and this information will be compared with your current bike fit. Adjustments will be made at that time. A typical initial bike fitting session is about an hour long. It is not uncommon to have 1 or 2 short follow-ups (10 - 15 minutes) to make further adjustments to optimize your fit.


What is your background in bike fitting? Shouldn't I go to a bike shop to have this done? I approach the problem of bike fitting from a sports science-based perspective - as opposed to anecdotal evidence. I have 22 years of bike fitting experience - both from an injury recovery and injury prevention/performance perspective. Combined with over 20 years of experience as a physical therapist and you have a great combination of fitting the human machine to the two-wheeled variety!


Can I get a membership to your website? I understand that there is a lot of good information, but I really don't need a coach or PT right now. Yes - website subscriptions will be offered for a nominal fee beginning in 2008. Refer to the SSI home page for updated information.