Smart Life Institute


What is the Smart Life Institute? The Smart Life Institute has been developed with the goal of providing accessible educational offerings that emphasize and foster "competent self care". The Smart Life Institute has developed a number of educational programs which are primarily classroom-oriented and are based on current sports medicine and sports sciences. These are geared to many different populations - both current athletes and those new to activity. SLI has also developed continuing professional education offerings for the health care professional. These programs offer Continuing Education credit and are appropriate for physical therapist, massage therapist, chiropractor, and physician.


What programs are currently being offered? The RunSmart program is a running mechanics program that is offered throughout the year. The SmartSport fitness program will be announced in 2008. "Sports Science Solutions For Rehabilitation And Training" is an 8 hour continuing education program for medical professionals which is offered both on-site and online (TBA 2008). Other educational sessions are offered throughout the year at RunTex and at the SSI office.


What is the RunSmart program? RunSmart is a running mechanics program which consists of four one hour group educational sessions. This includes sessions on running biomechanics/form,  strength-plyometrics-drills, and "Recovery-Centered Training". The program will guide you in developing an optimal training program that emphasizes Recovery-Centered Training principles. Sessions can also be taken individually.


What is the SmartLife Quantum Fitness program? This is a program geared towards the person that is new to activity or simply wants to learn more about the current trends in training, fitness, and self-care. It consists of four one hour group sessions and three individual consultations over eight weeks. Sessions include instruction regarding injury prevention, recovery-centered training, goal setting, nutrition, and cognitive strategies for safe and optimal fitness.


Where do I find a course calendar? The updated Smart Life Institute calendar can be found in the "Calendar" section of this site. All upcoming dates and registration information can be found here.


What is the cost of these programs? The primary intent is to provide accessible education to everyone in order to foster an environment of "competent self-care". You can register for multiple sessions with an associated discount rate. For a program like RunSmart, one program fee will register you for a series of related sessions, much like a university model. Please refer to the specific course or program information for further details.


I've just started becoming more active. Would these sessions be appropriate for me? Absolutely, yes! Getting up-to-date information on assorted training topics will allow you to "start on the right foot".


I'm a health care provider. Would these sessions be appropriate for me? Yes, as all of the SLI sessions are based upon current sports medicine and sports sciences. Some seminars will also offer continuing education credit.