Mission Statement

The mission of Smart Sport International (SSI) is to provide a seamless integration of sports science solutions for training, rehab, and life. Life Is A Sport. Play Smart.

SSI is a division of the Smart Life Institute based in Austin, Texas.

SSI was created to provide solutions to issues that have become an unfortunate part of the health care, sport and fitness worlds. These solutions include:

- cost-effective care;

- oriented towards long-term self care strategies;

- science- and evidence-based;

- client-centered - instead of "payor" or "clinician" centered;

- optimized human performance via science-based strategies;

- decreased reliance on outdated training methodologies, and

- decreased injury rates due to optimized training methodologies.


In the world of SSI, "training" is synonymous with injury prevention, and "rehabilitation" is synonymous with injury recovery. Both are directly related to optimal human performance - one of the primary key elements of the SSI approach. Though subtle, these differences in terminology provide a different perceptual focus for the client. Optimal human performance must then be integrated into the second key element of SSI - self-care - via the establishment of "competencies of self-care".

SSI is a world leader in the integration of the latest sports science- and evidence-based strategies for both optimal injury prevention and injury recovery. The client can experience both cost-effective and efficacious long-term health care, a fulfilling growth and learning experience, and optimal training and development.