Smart Life Institute Educational Programs

The Smart Life Institute has been developed as a "university-style" educational program. Courses and seminars are offered on a wide variety of topics emphasizing up-to-date sports sciences, sports medicine, and self-care competencies. These sessions are designed for both the recreational and elite athlete, those new to activity, and as continuing medical education for health care professionals.

How much do the sessions cost? SSI's goal is to make education readily accessible for everyone. The individual sessions are $10. You can register for multiple sessions at the same time with an associated discounted rate. There are also "programs", similar to a "degree plan", in which one fee will register you for a series of related sessions (i.e. RunSmart).

I am just becoming more active. Would these sessions be appropriate for me? Absolutely! Getting up-to-date information on assorted training-related topics will allow you to "start on the right foot" - no pun intended!

I am a physical therapist or chiropractor. Would these sessions be appropriate? All of the sessions would be appropriate. There are also specific CEU programs that are geared for the needs of the health care professional.