Smart Life Manifesto

The Smart Life Institute is a health initiative that provides sports science solutions for training, rehab, and life.

The mission of the Smart Life Institute has five key elements:
1. Build a global community of clients and clinicians committed to the shared vision of long-term health and it's integral relationship to competent self-care. The core values of this community are the premise that knowledge and self-responsibility are the ultimate keys to personal power and self-mastery and that personal transformation occurs through learning. This represents a new paradigm in health - a (R)evolution in Health.
2. Promote and deliver effective strategies for competent self-care in both clinical and non-clinical environments.
3. Create a client-centered and educationally-based community that fosters personal and systemic transformation via mentorship in all aspects of clinical and coaching practice.
4. Embrace a synergistic relationship between client and clinician to foster the growth and learning of each and every community member.
5. Define new standards in outcomes-based self-care and commitment to systemic health care reform such that it reflects these core premises.

These principles are accomplished via the utilization of the following:
1. The McKenzie method of mechanical diagnosis and therapy as a foundation for effective self-care.
2. The application of the latest advances in sports medicine, sports sciences, and learning strategies.
3. The use of information technology and web-based applications for education, communication, consultation, and community interaction.

The SLI serves as the foundation for other entities such as Smart Sport International (the model clinical practice of SLI) and Smart Physio (the clinician and outcomes data network).

Life Is A Sport. Play Smart.