Coaching and Performance


What is the cost of a single coaching session? Or a monthly coaching program? The cost of individualized coaching is based on a per session or per month basis.


Per session:  
Initial Consultation (one hour) $85
Follow-up sessions for established clients (45 minutes) $60
Per month:  
Initial Consultation
Initial three month program $270
Monthly coaching fee (after initial 3 months) - per month $90

For the monthly coaching programs, an initial three month commitment is required. There is a 30 day cancellation policy. In order to discontinue your program, you must provide 30 days written notice.


Why is there an initial commitment? I believe that it takes about 3 months to truly establish the basis for a functional coach-athlete relationship. As it is an investment of time and energy from both sides, I feel it’s important to give this an appropriate time factor for success initiation.


How do I get started? Complete the client questionnaire that can be found in the "Downloads" section under "Support". It will take about 10 – 15 minutes to complete and will gather detailed information about you, your current and past training, and your goals. The questionnaire can be returned to SSI via email, FAX, or mail, prior to your initial consultation. Please ensure that the waiver has been signed.


How do I schedule my initial consultation? Once you have completed the initial questionnaire, all scheduling is done on an individual basis directly with Allan Besselink, PT. He can be reached at 512-914-0871 or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


How long does it take before I am up and training? At the time of your initial consultation (via phone or in person), we will discuss your goals, time constraints, and other factors that will help define the basic layout of your plan. It is important for your training to integrate into your life – so the basic template will provide a framework for all further program development and can be adjusted at any time. Based on your goals, appropriate training paces will be defined, and specific training sessions are added. The conceptual basis behind these sessions will be explained to you during your initial consultation and in supplemental documents available to you via email or on the SSI website. The total process will typically take a few days – and then you are into your training plan!


Is my program static? I don’t want a cookie-cutter program. Appropriate and optimal progression of your program will depend on your feedback to me. This can consist of email or phone updates or simply maintaining a training log. By using a training log, you can maintain consistent records and benchmarks which will be helpful in monitoring your progress over time. I expect there to be continual feedback from the athlete – preferably once per week. Without feedback, I am unable to provide appropriate and timely progression of your program – and thus it becomes static. A training plan should not be an inert object – it should be a living, flexible, dynamic process that molds to your goals, your life, and your fitness.


Am I limited in how often I can contact you? I do emphasize an “open door” policy. I will not limit the number of phone calls or emails as I truly believe that a coaching relationship will be fostered by good consistent communication. I encourage questions and feedback on your training program as it will only aid in the development and optimization of your program.


I don’t want a monthly program but simply want to consult with a coach on certain aspects of my training. Is this something that you do? Yes! Single session consultations can be used to discuss any training-related topics that are of importance to you.


Do you offer any group coaching programs? SSI is committed to providing the best in individualized coaching and educational programming. Allan does lead a free running group at RunTex Riverside (5:45pm Tues/Thurs) which is a great group environment in which to work on your running skills and receive some guidance from him.


Are there any other benefits to the monthly program? Yes!! Members get special reduced rates on all other adjunct services provided at SSI, including video analysis and seminar programs. There are also special sponsor benefits. Please inquire for further details.


How much do the adjunct services cost? Current clients receive a discount on all adjunct services (i.e $45 for bike fitting, etc).